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TR-220 Snow Blower Hydraulic


TR-220 is equipped with a new type of double headed auger. Snow feeding is steady and efficient in all snow conditions. The lower edge of the wing is equipped with a turn able consumption blades. Options: TR-220 can be equipped with a hydraulic powered chute deflector. Controlled from the seat of the tractor, the chute deflector allows the operator to effectively control snow discharge accuracy. This makes snow clearing faster and easier in the yard and in urban areas.More detailes

Working width 2200 mm
Height of the wing 600 mm
Consumption blades (front) 10 x 100 mm
Rotor diameter 650 mm
Center blade 20 x 50 mm
Front bearing 50 mm
Rear bearing 50 mm
Spline saft 1 3/8″
Power requirement 26 kW
Weight 500 kg


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TR-220 Snow Blower Hydraulic